Why Us

Buying second hand vehicles always involves a fair element of chance. The rest depends on how well you can scrutinize the product before committing, thus reducing risks of breakdowns, repairs and repentance. Dependability, of used vehicles are largely influenced by wear and tear inflicted by previous owners’ driving habits and the frequency of maintenance.

To decide on the right car and estimate accurately the remaining life of the vehicle and the amount of refurbishment required, we suggest the following steps in our buyer’s guide, comprehensively laid out for you.


You need to consider what exactly the price range is, what is the amount that you can afford to spend.

•Choice :

The car that you want to buy is also an important factor to consider, you would want the best available car in the market for the price you are willing to spend.

•Specifications :

You need to consider how old is the car that you have set your eyes on, which brings in effect the looks of car.
You need to be sure about the fact that you get what you spend legitimate amount of money, for eg , our price range might be within 4 lacs, but getting a second hand maruti 800 isnt a smart buy.

•Research :

Research on the car is also very important, to find out if it was involved in any legal case, or if it has all the original parts or not.

•Test Drive :

Going for a test run is also very important, it will give you some idea as to how practically sound the car is.

•Documentation :

Check all the paper work before hand , this might include the original registration document, insurance cover, etc.

•Character Check :

Checking if the seller isn’t involved in any scam as it might create a problem for you later, if you get  involved with a criminal.

•Documentation Proof :

Getting everything that you have had a discussion orally written on paper, because words cant be trusted, you might trust a person on what they say but in case you face a problem in future atleast you would have the documents to support your case.

•Car Maintenance:

Check if proper maintenance of the car is done or not.